Eveniment partener  E T A J on Wheels. 
Expoziția poate fi vizitată în perioada 7 august - 20 august 2021, în cadrul galeriei E T A J on Wheels, din incinta Grădinii Cinemanscop, începanând cu ora 18:00.


Smiles and cries
“You gotta control your smiles and cries, because that’s all you have and nobody can take that away from you” said Jake Hoyt ( Ethan Hawke ) to Alonzo ( Denzel Washington ) on the set of the movie Training Day. Shit…back then I saw all this stuff live, I was working for actors, bringing them coffee, food, women and even a chiuaua every now and then if they really wanted one, to pet. 
Actors are actors, they control their smiles and cries everyday but for the normal folks, that shit ain’t easy. I had this friend in L.A. he was broke as fuck, always complaining about society, always not doing anything. But he had to eat so he became a robber. Got this mask that looked tribal and a 9mm that he opened beers with when he was drunk.
But my friend became more and more desperate, started making mistakes when he robbed and now found himself driving 220 on the highway bridge trying to escape police. Tires burned like crazy, he made a left turn and the car jumped from the road, he fell like a meteor directly into a river. 
Found himself a few days later in a bed, all hurt and sick. He looked in the mirror and his face was all cut up and bald, but at least he was alive. A woman came to his room and told him that she found him on the side of the river. Her name was Mirabela, she came from the eastern country Romania. She fed him mici and beer until he got well. He told her that he is a robber but Mirabela said : “ God and baby Jesus will forgive you if you ask for forgiveness.”
I found out this story from him a few years later when we met again. I thought he was dead in the accident and so did the police. He told me he married Mirabela after he changed his name and became a christian, working at a farm and has 7 kids. He told me he finally learned to change his ways and cries and see the world just full of smiles. 

Benny Jackson Journal